A guide to 45 horse breeds
horse breeds with examples | ... come in all shapes and size, Mongolian horses being a smaller breed
The sad thing is the explanation on most of these and the genetics behind them is WRONG. People's stupidity amazes me. Still pretty horses though.

Breathtaking Horse Colors

Horses height explained
Horse Colour Chart vs 2 by Gaurdianax on deviantART
Horse Breeds chart... there are a lot more breeds but this is pretty comprehensive, with a lot of European breeds, a few Russian, American breeds, Indian, Icelandic, and Australian.
Paint Horse stallion Samy                   If you love pets. #Horse #Animals
horse skeleton diagram | Horse Breed Descriptions
palomino Kentucky Mountain gelding. The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse is a horse breed from the US state of Kentucky. Developed as an all-around farm and riding horse in eastern Kentucky, they are related to the Tennessee Walking Horse and other gaited breeds.

Simply Stunning Palomino with amazing mane and forelock

Horse Color and Markings Chart | Any color is acceptable, as is any combination of white markings. The ...
Heres ALL the horses so far in Horse Isle O_O wow I had no idea how many I did. They all go in order of when they were done.(except the Akhal-Teke was the first but I redid it later. Both versions ...
Horse Breeds Coloring Pages | Anatomy - B&W labeled printable

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Courtesy of | Keep in mind, draft breeds cost more to house, feed, and keep.