Haha @ mckayla Baird this is my life motto now! Since I'm in an early "mid-life crisis" lol

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Hunter S. Thompson

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Hunter S. Thompson - When the Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro - Hunter S. Thompson Quote Poster Print

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In a world where everyone's guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the one final sin is stupidity. - Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas #quotes

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Hunter S. Thompson

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Hunter S. Thompson quote hand typed on antique typewriter

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If you haven't guessed by now, for some strange, unknown, and unconventional reason, this man is a hero of mine. To live in his time, in his shoes would be a dream, a nightmare perhaps, but a dream that may be worth it.

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WWHSTD? Hunter S. Thompson portraits

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5 Quotes By Hunter S Thompson Only Writers Will Understand - Wordables

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Hunter S Thompson

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