Ian harding

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Attention everyone. This is what I want for my birthday!
Callen Ó'Maolconaire, Ravenclaw 6th year. Callen moved to Hogwarts this year and isn't particularly pleased about it. His parents moved so he moved. He's a very private person and a muggle born. Currently has a girlfriend but there are 'options'. Find out more about him on Your Hogwarts Experience
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Ezra fitz/Ian Harding <3   Omg shoot me now, I think I'm in love.
Which "Pretty Little Liars" Guy Should You Be Dating.. You got: Ezra Fitz  You’ve clearly got a thing for ~older men~ and intellectuals, which means Ezra is totally your babe. Just be careful because he might write a book about you one day.

Which "Pretty Little Liars" Guy Should You Be Dating?

Ian Harding *sigh* he just might be my new favorite celebrity crush <3

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