This pull apart cheesy chicken sliders make a perfect food for iftar or a party. A spicy chicken filling along with a flavour filled coriander mint chutney and melted stringy mozzarella cheese packed  (Baking Bread Chicken)
Baklava Bites - Easier and quicker than the traditional baklava but just as delicious!
Cheesy Chicken Pizza Pockets #recipe on justataste.com
Znoud-el-Sit is a Lebanese dessert, made by rolling thick cream inside white bread, deep frying and then dipping these crispy rolls in a fragrant sugar syrup. Perfect dessert to have during Iftar.
Slowly-Roasted Turkish Chicken with Vegetables (Köylü Kebab)
This most amazing appetiser, Fried Chicken Popsicles are made by combining chicken mince with lots of different spices and veggies, and then coating it with corn flakes crumbs and deep frying it to a golden perfection.
Maaqouda is a potato fritter recipe that is popular throughout North Africa. It is especially prepared during the Ramadan period. #algeria…
Chickpea Potato Curry - an authentic recipe that's so easy, made from scratch, no hunting down unusual ingredients. Incredible flavour! #trinidad #caribbean
Lemon, Garlic and Rosemary Chicken Skewers - Kids, adults, teenagers... everyone loves these moist, super delicious grilled chicken skewers. They're great for entertaining, as all of the prep can be done ahead! www.thecafesucrefarine.com