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Seriously tho! (: makes me all happy inside

every single time. Describes the past two weeks perfect! And when I see him I cant help but go into giggly girly mode :) I wonder if he noticed?

:) he does say this and I always try my best to make his day better when it goes to shit. If everything about this state sucks, I still have two things to make my happy. And those are my two boys.

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Daily Awww: I want to kiss your face ’cause I LOVE ya (29 photos)

I think we are<3 :) The fact that you are beautiful makes that true. xo.

Cutest Couple Quotes | love, quote, text, couple, quotes - inspiring picture on

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21 Unforgettable Advices on Love Relationships.

He's my Nemo (:

Cutest Couple Quotes | love, cute, couples, pretty, quotes - inspiring picture on

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