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Freak Show: Most Famous Circus Sideshow Performers

Wang the human unicorn, a man born with a horn

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'If you were to swap your hands and your feet for that of an animal, which would you choose?' I'm guessing he chose a pig and a thalidomide ridden monkey?

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Human oddity: half man - half woman. Bobby Kork was born a man and chose to become androgynous. He was a very popular performer in the 1940’s and was admittedly gay.

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HUMAN ODDITIES - Digital Printable Collage Sheet - Vintage Circus Freakshow Performers, Freaks & Geeks, Unusual Beauty, Digital Download

HUMAN ODDITIES ... vintage sideshow freakshow circus performers. Digital Printable Collage Sheet

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8 Incredible Vintage Photos of 'Freaks' Who'd Rock AHS: Freak Show

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Quintuple skull

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Freaks, Human Oddities, Freak Shows and Side Shows: Part I - Famous Freaks

Lobster Boy - another vintage circus "freak" He was a horrible abusive man to his family, ended up murdered. Description from I searched for this on

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Human+Oddities | Sideshow Freaks: Human Oddity I

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Polydactyly is a condition in which extra digits are present. In the majority of cases the extra digit is unusable and removed at an early age. Polydactyly is relatively rare in humans, but incredibly common in cats, and it’s not unusual for them to have three or more extra digits on each paw.

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