Recently started playing this game and I must say it is beautifully created and I'm very intrigued to see the story behind it.

Unravel is a completely new kind of game from a big developer, sort of like little big planet but more realistic(from first glance). However the game consists of you running around as a little character exploring the world around it.

Ref ultime - Journey.  Tout est dans la compo ! Dessin épuré mais lighting ultra recherché.

"This game sucks me in every time. And when I find another player by chance in the game.they are my bff until we finish it together! So short.but captivating and enchanting.

THE DRIFTER by ~0tacoon on deviantART Hyper Light Drifter, a great indie game on kickstarter to support!

Heart Machine is raising funds for Hyper Light Drifter on Kickstarter!

8 Tileable Vector Game Background Download here:

8 Tileable Vector Game Background

Buy 8 Tileable Vector Game Background by canvaskite on GraphicRiver. 8 Tileable Vector Game Background You can use this background for your game application/project.

Indie Game Enthusiast: An Indie Site for Indie Games: The Watchlist: Doko Roko

Title: Doko Roko Developer: Okobu Games Platforms: PC, Mac In development --- Doko Roko is a rogue-like, vertical platformer about str.

Being in Limbo / 1st: No Face from Spirited Away  2nd: Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas  3rd: Iron Giant  4th: Kodamas-Princess Mononoke  5th: My Neighbour Totoro

Being in Limbo

Limbo No Face van Spirited Away Jack Skellington van Nightmare Before Christmas Iron Giant Kodamas-Princess Mononoke My Neighbour Totoro (geproduceerd door Studio Ghibli)