My name is Przemyslaw Kruk. I live in beautiful country in central Europe, which called Poland. I am amateur of landscape photography.

The Majestic Beauty Of Trees In Poland Captured In Infrared Photography

Infrared photography

Shooting in infrared can transform a scene into something magical and otherworldly! A creative way to alter the look of an infrared image i.

Whenever we can find ways to shorten the amount of time we spend editing in post-production, it equates to extra time we can spend in the field taking more photographs. As photographers, we should always be striving to take photographs that are as near to the finished product as possible. This means…

Using lens filters to improve your photography. via Lightstalking. Desperately want to try out infrared filters.

Photographer Paolo Pettigiani uses infrared photography to transform the lush green trees and grass of Central Park into milky, cotton candy pinks.

Infrared Photography Transforms Central Park into Surreal Wonderland

Toronto-based cinematographer Jon Simo created this trippy portrait showing how an infrared camera sees things compared to an ordinary camera. Simo shot th

This is What Infrared Photography Does to Freckles

Surreal Infrared Landscape Photography – Enpundit

Surreal Infrared Landscape Photography – Enpundit