All of these are true!!! More

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especially "knows a topic well, but can't explain it at all." i may be the smartest in the class, but i never raise my hand to say things because i will say it wrong 100% guaranteed

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MBTI in Real Life - INTP's brain. HAHAHAHAHA the accuracy of this!

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Stuff INTPs say | I seriously say all of these all the time! With the exception of the cyborg one.

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jfkdajfjaslkfnekankaamfemalefk story of my life.

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Are INFJs and INTPs compatible? Find out how to make this relationship work! #INFJ #INTP

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so true, always looking for new tests I haven't encountered before.

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#INTP truths!!! I've grown and evolved a lot -- enough that most of these are NOT absolutes when describing me. I fit no stereotype :) But the last one on the list is just not true for me personally. I certainly don't try with everything, and I absolutely procrastinate with the best of 'em...but when something really matters to me or engages my brain, I try Hella hard. And I refuse to allow the product of my efforts to be less than the best. Ask my college profs :)

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oh my. too much truth. ouch. intp<<< So much truth, but I'm laughing so hard... duck on cocaine omg ^^^same!

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This section INTP Personality gives a basic overview of the personality type, INTP. For more information about the INTP type, refer to the links below or on the sidebar.

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