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1945 - US Marines from the 28th Regiment, 5th Div, raise the flag of the United States on Mount Iwo Jima

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The men who raised the second flag over Iwo Jima.Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima. Taken on February 23, 1945, by Joe Rosenthal. It depicts five United States Marines and a U.S. Navy corpsman raising the flag of the United States atop Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II.

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The 5th Marine Division, Khe Sanh - 1967

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Iwo Jima during the pre-invasion bombardment looking north with Mount Suribachi in the foreground 17 February 1945.

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Feb 19, 1945 Americans land on Iwo Jima. Iwo Jima was a barren Pacific island guarded by Japanese artillery, but to American military minds, it was prime real estate on which to build airfields to launch bombing raids against Japan, only 660 miles away.

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Iwo Jima, Marines pose in front of the flag they just raised

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The first Flag Raising at Iwo Jima, Feb. 23, 1945

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Battle of Iwo Jima, 1945: US Marine corpsmen come to the aid of a wounded comrade against the backdrop of a smashed up Japanese pillbox. The barrel protruding out of the pillbox is a Japanese 120mm AA gun Type 3.

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How the U.S. Marines Work

the raising of the flag on iwo jima, taken during the battle of iwo jima by joe rosenthal. the picture depicts the marines and sailor who raised the second flag over iwo jima: sgt michael strank, cpl harlon block, pfc franklin sousley, pfc rene gagnon, pfc ira hayes, pm2 john bradley.

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Iwo Jima landing beach, 19 February, 1945.

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