Boys in Pixels: Meet the Beast in Beauty & the Beast, Jay Ryan

Boyish handsome ALL-THE-WAY! He has the cutest smile. He has this boyish playful energy. He is the guy you left in high school and return to because they are "the one" (if I believed in such). I mean that smile is a heart-melter-pantie-dropper.

Jay Ryan - a soldier on my own

Jay Ryan-beauty most definitely, but just a little bit of the beast is kinda hot!

Jay Ryan as Beautiful Disaster's Travis Maddox.  (Lesser known and NOT Channing Tatum!)

Beauty and the Beast - The Beast {Vincent/Jay} Because we can't imagine anyone else as Vincent Keller!

handsome ! awww !Jay Ryan - Remix Magazine Photoshoot - jay-ryan Photo

Jay Ryan - Remix Magazine Photoshoot (December, Wallpaper and background photos of Jay Ryan - Remix Magazine Photoshoot for fans of Jay Ryan images.

A shirtless Jay Ryan from Beauty and the Beast.

Shirtless CW Stars

A shirtless Vincent (Jay Ryan) on Beauty and the Beast (Saturn Returns episode)