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Jelsa Ladynoir [Rise of the Guardians, Frozen, and Miraculous Ladybug crossover)

Not a huge shipper of this because DW and D will never be like HEY LETS DO A FROZEN GUARDIANS THING! *sobs* but this is cool! Especially the end ;)

I don't really ship Jelsa, but there are some good points in here. <<this is exactly why I DON'T ship Jelsa. They even look like genderbent versions of eachother.

Ya, Jack bad luck, Elsa, you too... not ma fault thet deamworks makes tha hot boys and Disney tha pretty girls

Ya, Jack bad luck, Elsa, you too. not ma fault thet deamworks makes tha hot boys and Disney tha pretty girls<<<Love knows no bounds!

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Don't really like the mix of ROTG and Frozen, but the image is well done

Frozen Fantasy by on @deviantART  I would like to state that I pin this for shear art-ness not any shipping

I am still not sure about shipping Jelsa, but this is so adorable.

Jack Frost + Elsa = JELSA

Day 12 - Making out Jack Frost x Elsa (Rise of the Guardians and Frozen) Day 01 - Holding Hand by DiWine-WaroDay 02 - Cuddling by ji. 30 Day Challenge [Jelsa] Day 12 - Making out

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How can you not say this is cute?? #Jelsa

Jack x Elsa. I ship this.<--- oh my lord……… IM NOT THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE XD <--- there are a lot of people around the world that ship it (like me) you're not alone!

elsa and jack frost | Tumblr

Jack and Elsa Hogwarts. Jack is perfect for Slytherin, but I see Elsa more in Ravenclaw.