The Jonas brother, (L-R) Joe, Kevin and Nick, on  Out Magazine. se lo dije a Camila :P . oh lala nick

The Jonas Brothers open up about those gay rumours for Out magazine

Nick Jonas: I Thought Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance Was Funny!: Photo Check out this Jonas Brothers feature in the latest issue of Out magazine! The guys - Nick, Joe, and Kevin - open up about growing up, dealing with rumors, and…

Jonas brothers @Hollie Baker East THEY'RE BACKKKKKKKKKKKKK :"( :"(

Her favorite band is the Jonas Brothers, three of the most iconic people in music. Everybody bought their seventh album.

Jonas Brothers - They were the first CD i ever got for christmas and the band I grew up listening to. They were the only male influences in music I had other than Justin Bieber....

There Is Still Love For The Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers - They were the first concert I took my daughter to see. Saw them twice in concert.

Top of the logo used as the sword hilt for the "Trust my Rage" tattoo ...

This wonderful logo I tried to draw on every notebook I ever owned (I can do the JB, but never the crest)

You will forever have faith in their TV Show, even though it was pretty horrible. | 16 Signs You Still Love The Jonas Brothers

16 Signs You Still Love The Jonas Brothers