Usha and Mike Kreaden had a virtually blank slate when it came to the garden outside the 1958 Joseph Eichler house that they bought in Silicon Valley two decades ago.

Modern Master: Joseph Eichler by Matthew Keeshin from Creative…

Landscape designer Bernard Trainor masterminds a seamless garden to surround a Silicon Valley Eichler.

exterior Modern Family Retreat

Fascinating Eichler Home Remodel in Burlingame, California

San Francisco-based Klopf Architecture remodeled a Double Gable Eichler home to modernize it for today's times while keeping the charm of Eichler's vision.

By the mid-1940s, Joseph Eichler had become intrigued by modernist design and in particular one of the creations of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who had designed the Bazett house (Hillsborough, California), a rented home for Eichler during World War II.

braxton and yancey: Eichler Homes – Mid-Century Modern Homes That Take Your Breath Away

Joseph Eichler's beautiful simplicity

White Floors: joseph eichler american mid century modern homes; notably, much of preserved MCM architecture owes a thanks to small businesses, who get the zoning to operate dentist offices or small boutiques, etc.

Eichler home from Marin Modern 93 Golden Hinde Mid Century Modern Home

Eichler atrium and courtyard picture and ideas gallery for updating or remodeling the atrium of your Eichler or mid-century modern home.


1950s Eichler modern homes brochure

This revamped Eichler, in an enclave full of Eichler houses in San Francisco's Diamond Heights neighborhood, sold in August for $2.125 million.

They Like Eich

Revamped Eichler interior with the perfect mid century furniture/.