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#Africa is where humanity was nurtured into existence and as such is described as ‘the cradle of mankind’. Africa is our soul’s home, it is where our species grew up, so the landscape represents our original home — The Garden of Eden. Read the incredibly insightful chapter in the breakthrough book 'FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition' by Jeremy Griffith titled: "‘A golden race…formed on earth’"

Top ten Tourist attractions in Kenya

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Kenya Travel Guide

Giraffes in the Sunset, Masai Mara National Park, Kenya, Africa | HoHo Pics
Nabiyotum Crater in Lake Turkana, Kenya
Lago Naivasha, Kenia - el lago está normalmente rodeada de flamencos! Me gustaría ir a acampar aquí cuando era pequeña. Nunca se sabía lo que podría encontrarse en el camino al baño por la noche
How to Stay Healthy While Travelling in Africa

How to Stay Healthy While Travelling in Africa

Kenya. West Tsavo National Park. Baobob Tree. Africa photo by Barbara R. Jones
Mombasa Beach, Kenya.
Diani Beach - Kenya                                                       …
Mount Kilimanjaro sunset #Kenya                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais
In the lush African Wetland in Kenya.
Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant In Kenya Set In An Ancient Cave And Illuminated Entirely By Candlelight