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fall inspo!

japanese chic minimalist look fashion style 2015 Grey shirt, black skirt, black knee-high socks, black booties

Thigh Highs--look so nice over pantyhose and maybe worn with ankle boots

I am OBSESSED with tights, knee high, and thigh high socks these days / socks / thigh high socks / knee socks / thigh socks / wool socks / thick socks / soft socks / fall socks / winter socks /

Dress: black simple black flannel flannel shirt over the knee socks... ❤ liked…

long black tshirt dress (or loose over sized black tshirt with black high waisted shorts), dark green and white plaid collared button up shirt tied around the waist, black over the knee thigh high socks, and black or dark brown lace up combat boots.

Chevron Stripe Over-The-Knee Socks | Pinned by

Anthropologie's New Arrivals: Leg Warmers & Socks

People don’t appreciate socks enough.    Yes, there are practical reasons to love socks, like the fact that they keep your feet warm, or the fact that they prevent super sweaty (and smelly) feet. But they’re also an undervalued source of style and sartorial expression! They’re not really seen as a fashion statement, they’re seen as a grudging necessity that you don’t really give much thought to.

15 Fun Ways To Wear Socks That You've Never Thought Of Before

shirt dresses and thigh highs, I would love to pull this off but I have a feeli g I'd only kick around the house in this

black socks knee-high grey gray slouch lean LIGHT Hair Like Mine sexy bare walls white black skin bareSKIN.

knee socks

Ideas para combinar tus calcetas a la rodilla con faldas o shorts pequeños

"Do you like the way I make you feel, Ella?" I swallow my pride and …

Knee highs and oxfords = a personal favorite :)

Discover this look wearing Brick Red Knee High Socks, Navy Floral Cotton Forever 21 Dresses - Knee Highs by aLittleLau styled for Preppy, Work