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Köyhät ritarit - Poor Knights #Finnish #Finland (originally came to Finland from Sweden, and was often made using either day-old white bread or sweet cinnamon roll, pulla.


köyhät ritarit, or Poor Knights, as it would translate in English

Köyhät ritarit - - reseptit

Grillatut köyhät ritarit marja-mascarponevaahdon kera - the Poor Knights - Finnish version of French Toast. A Swedish loan. In Finland, some use old buns for this, I find those too sweet. I use only old french bread, pure white bread, which becomes nicely bland background to the saltiness of buttery crispy edges, soft cream and fresh berries or sweet jam. Or both.

Köyhät ritarit vartaissa


Köyhät ritarit, mustikkahillo ja kookoskermavaahto | K-ruoka


köyhät ritarit ja mansikka-raparperihilloke