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Kolesterolia alentavat lääkekasvit   Tässä #artikkelissa kerromme joistakin parhaista #lääkekasveista, jotka auttavat sinua alentamaan kolesterolitasoa #luonnollisesti.  #Luontaishoidot
Kolesterolia alentavat lääkekasvit - Askel Terveyteen
kuva: Luonnon lääkekasvit
Kolesterolia alentavat lääkekasvit
When dandelions are blooming make this healing dandelion salve!

Dandelion Salve

10 Herbs for Spiritual Practice. #herbs #herbalmedicine
This is a fine art giclée print made from my original watercolor painting Fern Study 2.  PRINT DESCRIPTION - Printed on Epson Stylus Inkjet

Fern Print - Made from my Original Fern Painting "Fern Study 2", Fern, Botanical Print, Watercolor Fern, Fern Painting, Green, Woodlands

Magical flowers dandelion
Anise... hmmm... an herb you can add to wine?....
Now I know what to do with the yarrow plant I just bought...Magical herb yarrow
1960 Botanical Print Calluna vulgaris Heather by Craftissimo

1960 Botanical Print, Calluna vulgaris, Heather, Vintage Lithograph, Botany Illustration, Home Wall Decor, Besenheide, Flora of Europe

Potent calming oils. For more info or to purchase www.EssentialOilsEnhanceHealth. com
Erica ovata, everywhere on the hills here... | W.  Miller
Herbs for concentration
If you’re fond of antique botanical images, look up the work of Mary Delany. This 18th century Englishwoman created delicate paper cut out works, beautiful and botanically accurate depictions of plants.