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Ranskan laivasto vierailee Helsingissä elokuussa 1960. Matruusit vilvoittelevat saunareissullaan Otaniemen teekkarisaunalla. Copyright: Lehtikuva. Kuva: Ensio Ilmonen.


Provoking Behavior: 'Peaceful' Nordics Join NATO Exercise to Vex Russia

FNS Hämeenmaa, pennant number 02, a Hämeenmaa class minelayer at Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland.


Laivasto-konsolipöytä lev. 120 x syv. 45 x kork 88 cm, kulutettu musta

Laivasto-sohvapöytä tummaksi petsattuna.

WWI. On a German U Boat. Can you imagine how much guts it took to go down in one of those things?


RARE PIN BADGE CORVETTE VITYAZ 1862. The Corvette “Vityaz” was one of the four 17-gun sailing screw vessels of Bogatyr (Hero) type. She was built at the dockyard in Finland on August 23rd, 1861. She was launched on July 24th, 1862. It circumnavigated twice. In 1863-1964, as a part of the Russian navy squadron, she took part in the Expedition to the coasts of the USA. #russian #rare #pin #badge #gifts #souvenirs #usa #discovery #ship


Lieutenant Commander Knapper and Chief Yeoman Cook, of USS Texas (BB-35), examine a damaged German pillbox at Pointe du Hoc on "D-Day", 6 June 1944. Earlier in the day Texas had bombarded the point in support of the "Omaha" Beach landings.The body of a dead U.S. Army Ranger, killed during the assault on Pointe du Hoc, lies covered up at right.


Navy Eyeliner with Gold Eyeliner |

palvelusta The Atlantic

The Civil War, Part 1: The Places

The CSS Stonewall was a 1,390-ton ironclad built in Bordeaux, France, for the Confederate Navy in 1864. After she crossed the Atlantic, reaching Havana, Cuba, it was already May, 1865, and the war had ended. Spanish Authorities took possession, soon handing it over to the U.S. government.


Finnish minelayer Hämeenmaa on a foggy day in Helsinki [1200 x 800]