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Munkkirinkilät // Doughnuts Food & Style Emilia Kolari Photo Johanna Myllymäki Maku 2/2012,
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Never reveal your next move.
Quotes can be very deep. Everyone can relate to different popular quotes. Most people live by the quotes they read. [ ]
This is literally me.
47 of the Best Inspirational Quotes | Quite a Quote | @Lifeofyrdesign
Over the years I have grown to learn that most people just say what they think you want to hear.. id rather you keep your bullshit to yourself
Raparperi-toscakakku // Rhubarb Almond Tosca Cake Food & Style Elina Jyväs, Baking Instinct Photo Katri Kapanen
Vaniljainen tuplamustikkajuustokakku (ø24cm)