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Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks Leopard sharks flock to La Jolla’s warm and shallow waters during the summer.

oceansoftheworld: (Photo found here) Zebra shark (see this post) via Tumblr

oceansoftheworld: “ (Photo found here) Zebra shark (see this post) ”

Shark Mermaid by Aviator33.deviantart.com on @deviantART

So I got this really lovely shark mermaid from Lynn c:My gosh i really like her! I can& wait to draw her cute seaweed clothes and little cute ocean themed accessories x) art and character are mine.

Leopard Sharks - saw two in the water just like this while boogie boarding in Laguna.

Leopard Sharks nest close to shore and are amazing to snorkel with

Saw some Leopard Sharks while swimming at Hermosa Beach, CA. Also saw a Bat Ray and Barracuda. Going to have to return to this beach again! And bring snorkeling gear.

In grade I once got to pet a leopard shark that looked just like this. We also got to pet manta rays and take pictures and it was cool! Lol this reminded me of it!

Swim with leopard sharks in La Jolla during the largest annual aggregation in the world

How to See the La Jolla Leopard Sharks

Summer welcomes the La Jolla leopard sharks, the largest annual aggregation of these harmless creatures in the world.