Anatomy of a Librarian infographic - because I'm feeling a little self-absorbed today

Anatomy of a modern librarian infographic. Click through to website for clearer reading.

Click visit site and Check out Cool Librarian Shirts. This website is…

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15 Confessions About Working at a Library

15 Librarian Confessions That Will Make You Think Twice

Angry librarian stereotype! Such a good play on words through...

20 Reasons We Love Librarians

Wow! That's a card catalog ... "A librarian reaching for the top shelf of the card catalog."

25 Vintage Photos of Librarians Being Awesome

10 Reasons Why Librarians Are Awesome. In celebration of National Library Week (4/13-4/19), here is an homage to a group of greatly misunderstood and under-appreciated professionals.

9 Reasons Why Librarians Are Awesome

As a librarian and a giant Thomas Dolby fan, what better shirt could there be? " She Blinded Me with Library Science " T-shir.

You are not just an employee...part wizard, part genius, part explorer #librarians

Best employee appreciation card/swag I've ever seen. I should print off a bunch of these and start putting them into my library books when I return them.

The Librarian Party: Make America Read Again T-Shirt

The Librarian Party: Make America Read Again

The Librarian Party: Make America Read Again T-Shirt. This funny reading shirt is the perfect gift for book lovers, librarians, English teachers, and anyone who loves to read. The librarian party: the choice of book nerds everywhere.

We love Teacher Librarians! This work by Mia MacMeekin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

27 Things Your Teacher Librarian Does