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What is a Tornado - Geography Videos for Kids - YouTube

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What is a Mountain? - YouTube: Includes animations of how the various types of mountains are formed.

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Geography Archives

Geography | Tipsographic | More geography tips at

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The Great Wave zentangle art lesson. Kids loved this lesson and was great outcome for all abilities. Indian ink used for sky... Vivid colours looked great. Linked with literacy.. Tom Gates as he doodles. Also fitted well as natural disasters IDL.

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Plate tectonics and other really great ideas for earth science

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Cut out volcanos, have the child blow paint through a straw to make the lava

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50 Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Think


This video reviews the important parts of an artwork that students should generally include for it to be considered complete. Including Foreground, Middleground, Background, and overlap help develop the sense of depth in a work of art. CORRECTION: in Hokusai's "Great Wave" image, the background is Mount Fuji, not a wave.

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Volcano Painting – Explosive Art!

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Art History in a Hurry - Edvard Munch’s The Scream (a series of 3-5 minute high-interest art history classes)

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