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Hey! My name is Mackenzie and I'm Maddie's little sister! I love to sing, dance and hang out with friends! I'm 12 years old and single. Introduce? ~Mackenzie

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#ZieglerMackenzie So So Happy Beauty Launch Party [03.02.16]

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{ Mackenzie Ziegler } "Hi! I'm Mackenzie, but most people call Me Kenzie!" I'm 16 and single," bite my lip "I have an older sister Maddie who is pretty protective of me but, I love her!" I smile "I dance and sing a lot! Maddie dances too!" I giggle "Come introduce yourself!"

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Hey guys so sorry I haven't been on here in practically forever!! But I'm back and I will be pinning more!! Hope you guys had a good Christmas and happy new year❤️ -Alyssa-

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I love mackenzie and all but lately I feel like she's trying to act like a 16 or 17 year old when she's only twelve. I know maddie acts older than she is but that's different, maddie's more mature and mackenzie just flat out tries to dress like a 16 year old, talk like one, and wear make up like they do. I think she's trying to grow up too fast.

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Added by #hahah0ll13 (2016) Dance Moms Mackenzie Ziegler for Polo Ralph Lauren

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They are gorgeous and stunning. They grew up so much!

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#ZieglerMackenzie modeled for Ralph Lauren [02.14.16]

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❤ Mackenzie Ziegler ❤

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