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Tuore katsaustutkimus osoittaa, että mielenterveysongelmat – ainakin masennus ja ahdistuneisuushäiriö – voivat johtua huonoista työoloista.

Uutisia Predosta: äidin raskaudenaikainen masennus – Predo-tutkimus

Väitös: Jos lasta kohtelee kaltoin, hän sairastaa myös aikuisena | Yle Uutiset |


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Rosalind Robertson (The DIY Couturier) 21 Tips to Keep Your Shit Together When You're Depressed

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☻ ☺ ☻ RAD BUT SAD ☻ ☹ ☻

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"We cut flowers because we think they're beautiful, but we cut ourselves because we think we're not". I saw a similar quote to this and I just had to draw it. It took me a while to understand but once I did I felt upset. We are all beautiful but it's not always easy to think this because of what we see and hear around us. I chose to draw forget-me-not flowers to tell you that you are not forgotten. You may feel unwanted or depress but you have a purpose and you aren't a mistake. "Dear…

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Metaphor || What a thrill --- My thumb instead of an onion. The top quite gone Except for a sort of a hinge Of skin, A flap like a hat, Dead white. Then that red plush. Cut, Plath

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