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And need to be treated like humans! Not like aliens I'm sick of people always being like you wear a lot of black, studs, and band tees huh, yes I do but hardly ever studs and not always band tees and black, we need love too. My rant is done

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I enjoy listening to metal, which includes all of the subgenres that come along with it.

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Fuck pop music!! Also I love Sheldon

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Heavy Metal Bands and Their Memes |

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Disturbed has been my favorite band since I learned how to download music. Most of the songs are upbeat and they have good word choice with their lyrics which makes me like them even more.

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This is entirely true. Always questioned for the type of music I listen to and that its just screaming. Its not, at all.

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Amon Amarth more of the lines of viking metal, but hey its cool

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Submitted by thesicksick6point8billion

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Metal music truth

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Quote from David Draiman of the heavy metal band Distrubed.

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