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Looking for the official Michael Rooker Twitter account? Michael Rooker is now on!

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Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker - The Walking Dead, as brothers, Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon

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My heart was being crushed slowly. You know when you think your heart is breaking when your reading something and you think nothing can hurt it even more. WELL IT JUST KEPT GETTING WORSE!

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Dixon Brothers - Norman Reedus & Michael Rooker (I LOVE this picture. I just love it.)

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norman reedus & michael rooker. Wow! Handsome guys without all that dirt and walker blood on them.. :)

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Norman Reedus & Michael Rooker, The Walking Dead

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Michael Rooker and Melissa McBride on set

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Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker

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TWD - I was hoping for something along those lines in the show, but NOOOO that had to go and kill off Merl...,I think they should do a "soap opera" twins separated at birth thingy and bring Merl back as Harold...their drunken Mother gave up(sold) one of her twins to a relative in Montana or something...,it could work...,???

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Michael Rooker and his new grandbaby! So sweet!!!! Now Insider time; Because of the magnificent 15 seconds that Michael and I had a "THING" I am now called "Grandma" by everyone I know... SOOOO THERE'S MY GRANDBABY!

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