He looks intimidating, but he's just a kid at heart.<--- Mike is as obsessed with Harry Potter as me and I love it (PTV)

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Mike Fuentes and his tats ha «:

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Mike and Vic Fuentes

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For legits? Like really?! (And they spelt Austin wrong..justsayinn)

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And the whiskey xD I love how vic is like guiding him lik he's a little kid:3 it's so sweet

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aha i swallowed my lip bar a few nights ago eating a toffee crisp not as exiting but yah...happens

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I appreciate Mike <3 seriously I love those 2 songs because of his drum parts in them

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Awww Vic's giving his little brother a haircut <3 Mike looks like he's in pain...

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What is Mike's birthday? *whispers* It's December 14th 1984 Obviously... (Also same day as my older brothers so I have a cheat to remember their birthday)

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30Day Band Challenge DAY6 Fav Drummer - Mike Fuentes

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