Alan Lee's Lord of the Rings Artwork of Minas Tirith

Gondor, The White City. All know is that I could never draw that, let alone paint it. John Howe and Alan Lee, the gentlemen who did the conceptual art and much of the design throughout the making of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, incredible artists.

Minas Tirith. . . :) Middle Earth is a home away from home. :)

Minas Tirith

Own a Pied-à-Terre in the Heart of Middle Earth with the "Realise Minas Tirith" Campaign

Indiegogo Campaign Raising $3.8 Billion To Build Minas Tirith                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Condos with views of Sauron's burning, lidless eye will be on the market by 2023 if a new Indiegogo campaign gets its way. The campaign is raising money to build Minas Tirith, the fantastical mountain.

MINECRAFT. I WILL BUILD THIS IN MINECRAFT. DEFINATELY. already downloaded it as a minecraft map a long time ago, but it was incomplete. <<<that would be cool!

An Insanely Detailed Map of Minas Tirith Covers Every Inch of the City

An Insanely Detailed Map of Minas Tirith Covers Every Inch of the City - This is apparently a map made for the Middle Earth role playing games by ICE, and it's just gorgeous.

Minas Tirith, The City of Kings....wonder how much they would have charged for a night?

ZE LOTR Minas Tirith – RELEASED!

Concept designer Rizo created this breathtaking image a couple of years ago, showing the human city of Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings. It perfectly captures the fortified grandeur of a city that survived an attack from Mordor.

Minas Tirith - Ted Nasmith, who is an exceptional artist, up there with Alan Lee and John Howe.

At the Court of the Fountain by Ted Nasmith. The Court of the Fountain was the courtyard that was built upon the top of the prow of Minas Tirith.

map of Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

Gli Arcani Supremi (Vox clamantis in deserto - Gothian): Another view on Tolkien's world

"But we have the White Wizard. That must count for something, surely?"

Gorgeous tributes to the Lord of the Rings trilogy by poster artist Matt Ferguson.

Minas Tirith: One of my favorite castles. Too bad it really is not real.

Minas Tirith

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Minas Tirith Made from Matchsticks

Minas Tirith Made from Matchsticks

Main Gate of Minas Tirith - The One Wiki to Rule Them All - Wikia                                                                                                                                                      More

Main Gate of Minas Tirith

The Main Gate of Minas Tirith was the city's primary entrance point and its only weakness.