Ancient Egyptian Cosmetic Jar | Carved from a single piece of limestone, this jar was used to store kohl, an ancient form of eye cosmetic. Late Kingdom, 18th Dynasty

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Astrolabe, magnificent computer of the Ancients—an instrument used to make astronomical measurements, before the development of the sextant

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Egyptian Artifacts, King Tutankhamun, Ancient Sword ----- This one was pinned because i like how much fine detail was molded into this knife and sheath.

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ancient bibical holy coins: widow's mite, herod the great, pontius pilate, caesar augustus, etc.

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Moche culture North coast 100 – 800 AD Stirrup vessel in the form of a crested feline ceramic Ministerio de Cultura del Perú: Museo de Sitio de Chan Chan, Dos Cabezas Photograph: Daniel Giannoni

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30 Incredible Historic Artifacts

RosamariaGFrangini | High Jewellery Ancient | A golden wreath and ring from the burial of an Odrysian Aristocrat at the Golyamata Mogila tumulus mid-4th century BC.

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Cave di Cusa (meaning “Quarry of Accusation” in Italian) or Rocche di Cusa in Sicily - I noticed that the inner wall surface and the wall of the column are processed equally, for what and why? That is, in other words that supposedly with picks digging - it's just nonsense, clearly visible mechanical processing, as if bored, or rotational movements of cutting tool

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The Mysterious Ancient Artifacts of Sanxingdui That Have Rewritten Chinese History: photo 2

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25 Ancient Artifacts

22. Axe from the Tomb of Queen Ahhotep IIZ, Thebes. New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, 16th Century BCE.

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The Vedas: Ancient Mystical Texts Offer Charms, Incantations, Mythological Accounts and Formulas for Enlightenment

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