ancient bibical holy coins: widow's mite, herod the great, pontius pilate, caesar augustus, etc.

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Ancient Egyptian Cosmetic Jar | Carved from a single piece of limestone, this jar was used to store kohl, an ancient form of eye cosmetic. Late Kingdom, 18th Dynasty

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Ancient Greek diadem found in Ukraine ca 450 BC

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Ancient artifacts Egyptian Green Limestone Scarab 1070 - 712 BC

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Canopic Jar w/ Head of Duamutef -- Circa 1295-1185 -- Egypt, Dynasty 19 -- Faience -- The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Sumerian Boundary stone - kudurru (1125-1100 BC). The cuneiform inscription records the granting by Eanna-shum-iddina, the governor of the Sealand, of five gur of corn land in the district of Edina in south Babylonia to a man called Gula-eresh.

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Egyptian Artifacts, King Tutankhamun, Ancient Sword ----- This one was pinned because i like how much fine detail was molded into this knife and sheath.

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Astrolabe, magnificent computer of the Ancients—an instrument used to make astronomical measurements, before the development of the sextant

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Ring with horses, Ramses II, c. 1303 BCE-1213 BCE I #Egypt

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