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"Astagfer Allah" is asking Allah for forgiveness. The more you say it, it erases your mistakes and sins. We are not angels. We all do mistakes. It's never too late to start all over again

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لا حوله ولا قوه الا بالله

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Yes! When it's really her choice and not Father, Mother or societal pressure... I feel the same way about the opposite stance... Young girls feeling pressured to reveal too much in order to earn acceptance from peers.

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I like the floral head accessories but not the dress..quite tight fitting though.

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Sallallahu alayhi wa sallem wa alihi wa sahbihi wa sallem

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for Idiots. their hearts is dirty full of ambition to pushes me.

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YA ALLAH forgive me have mercy on me,i am not GOD,grant me jannatulfirdose and good end take an easy reckoning i beg you,save me from the hellfire torment of the grave and hashr azaab and every wrath ,najaat dilade is zilat ki zindagi se maula,i fear you and your wrath,i am not GOD ameen.

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