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Mule deer buck / by D. Robert Franz

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AMAZING #Mule #Deer #Buck!!!

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The majestic mule desert mule deer buck,this buck is more than likely in the desert around arizonia.Mule deer grow slight bigger than the whitetail,mule deer's antlers can grow 2× bigger than the average whitetail buck,the weight of a mule deer is about 150 lbs to 350 lbs.This buck on this pic is probaly 230 lbs.Mule deer are found in the deserty eareas,sometimes in national forest.

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Huge rack. This mule deer, called Buck Norris, lives near Bend, OR, where photographers seek him out. Photo by Jeff Dixson.

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Legal shootin time is over... Not for rednecks, goodness gracious!! I might would just pass out

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Mule Deer Buck in Snow | by Peter Eades

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Mule buck and doe

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Mule Deer running in snow! #HeadsofState

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Mule Deer Buck, Yellowstone National Park, Montana

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The most majestic creature God ever put on this planet. It is such an honor to harvest a beast like this

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