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In Finnish mythology, Ahti or Ahto is a heroic character of oral poetic tradition. Sometimes given in folk poetry the epithet of Saarelainen or the Islander, he is described as a fierce sea-going warrior. Sometimes the name of Ahti is used of a god of the sea and of fishing, portrayed as a man with a handlebar moustache and beard of moss.


"Nyx with her gentle ban on man’s activities descended on the company. She put the world to sleep.” #myth


Ukko, is the god of the sky, weather, harvest and thunder in Finnish mythology. Ukko is held the most significant god of Finnish mythology. In the folk poems and prayers he is also given the epithet Overgod, probably in reference to his status as the most highly regarded god and on the other hand his traditional domain in the heavens. Although portrayed active in myth, Ukko makes all his appearances in legend solely by natural phenomena when appealed to.


Jacheongbi (자청비) is a Korean earth goddess who is also the goddess of love. She disguises herself as a young man in order to pursue higher education in the company of a young god for whom she has an attraction... The implication is that her desire for education & opportunity is equal to that for her young god, & she will simply do whatever is needed to achieve her goals...


“Having a body that is like a musical instrument, open enough to be able to resonate, literally resonate with what is coming both from the inside and from the outside, so that one is able to surrender to powers greater than oneself.” (Marion Woodman)


Gnomes are full of kindness and share their food with others. Artist- Rien Poortvliet


Morana (death) and Vesna (birth) In slavic paganism Morana (Morava) is witch goddess


VEDMAK - In Slavic mythology, a Vědmák (Russian: Ведьмак; Ukrainian: Відьмак, Vidmak or Polish: Wiedźmin[1]) is a male witch, the female equivalent being vedma,[2] but unlike the latter, the vedmak may also possess positive qualities. For example, they treat people and animals,[3] protect humanity, and force witches to stop doing evil. On the other hand, they are thought to be people connected to the Devil, and are capable of harming other human beings