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You!!! Labeling again and again and again...I refuse to let you or anyone else get to me and I am living my life my way..I know who I am and I do not need your approval or bad your not happy with me standing up for myself..get over it!!!

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After a lifetime of exhausting attempts, sometimes there is just no other solution left except going No Contact, if you are ever going to be entitled to enjoy any of the happy moments in your life without them being ruined intentionally by being squashed to the ground! - written by Shelley Colwell MacLeod

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Did you know that Narcissist spelled backwards is asshole? Hey, if they can make…

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A help for narcissistic sociopath relationship survivors

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You were a good fuck though. ......that's all u were good for. fucking cunt

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TG and LR are so delusional...Already people see that they love to play the victim... Bright shinning colors!!!

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So true! They are so jealous and threatened by the person they attach themselves to them and never leave them alone! Go away!

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GPS-Grace Power Strength: What Does A Sociopath Fear? 2 Things

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... recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.

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Narcissists are notorious for treating the general public much better than the people closest to them. Why is this? Narcissists are intensely concerned with the quality of their public image or "billboard".amen!

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