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Milt Schmidt photographed in September 1953 as captain of the Boston Bruins. (AP File Photo)

SHARK! I hate Chevy Chase and all of his ancestors, but that always makes me laugh. Eric Poole's work can be seen at

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Fabulously wicked eagle mascot for the Washington Capitals, courtesy of Eric Poole. More of his work at

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The Chicago Blackhawks get a literal rendering from epoole88. Check out Eric Poole's work at

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2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Wayne Gretzky Quote ART PRINT illustration NHL Ice by SubjectArt

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And here we get a look at the uniforms of the New York Rangers Ice Girls... Er, I mean Lady Liberty as rendered by Eric Poole. More of his kickass work at

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Jagr is still playing in the NHL! #hockey

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Aaaaand announcing Jack Black as the new Colorado Avalanche mascot! Great rendition of the Avs by Eric Poole. Check out his work at

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The dirty, rotten, stinkin' Boston Bruins, as rendered by epoole88. Check out Eric Poole's work at

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