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I can't believe how accurate this is

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Oinas-tähtimerkin vuosihoroskooppi 2017 - Lifestyle -

Protector, problem solver, tell it how I feel, loyal, giver..... Yup it's who I am.

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Aries Little Secret: They would choose love over (almost) anything,

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20 Aries Quotes for your Inspiration

20 Aries Quotes for your Inspiration #image sayings

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Yeah tell me about it! It's also a great way to piss me off...

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Zodiac Aries facts. For much more on the zodiac signs, click here.

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Exactly! I'm loyal to a fault. But once I recognize your disloyalty I'm done.

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Let's be honest, an Aries is a fighter, They will go to war for you, for you love.

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