One Direction

One Direction Shocker: Which Guy Almost Didn't Join the Group Because He Wanted to Go Solo?

“Better picture of the group picture the boys took on stage at Wembley Stadium last night!

Okay.. so I'm 17 and I like one direction because 1 they are hot 2 they can sing! 3 they have sexy accents 4 they have tattoos like really! Thehre perfect!

Some people dont know the difference between friends and actual relationships ! Annoyin actually !>> Niall said this you guys

Day 24 of the 1D 30 Day Challenge: cutest member of One Direction-- I honestly can't decide because they all are soo flippin cute. I couldn't decide because they make the cutest faces when they take pictures.

Honestly it's a good thing that human hearts can never totally fill up because I love these guys so much and otherwise there wouldn't be much more room for many more people.

im crying listening to their new album looking at old pictures and such im a wreck help

so guys whats your favorite songs off of four? i absolutely love stockholm syndrome.

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Awkward moment when I read that in his accent even though its written the proper way. I did too xD. And the coolest part is my dad works at Pepsi and drives a truck like that!