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Great organization tip with an inexpensive IKEA product!

10 Easy Classroom Organization Tips

Classroom organization
I absolutely LOVE IKEA and even though the closest one to me is about 3 hours away, I always make a point to go a couple of times a year.  A few years ago, I did a post on items from IKEA that teacher

Teachers Love Ikea { Part 2 }

Solo cups signal if students need help, and how much help they need during activities or solo work. No more students calling out your name. Also you won't forget who had their hand up and when! Photo Credit: www.theardentteacher.com
Great Classroom organization ideas, Love the idea of having individual portfolio folders for students to keep papers in from throughout the year.
18 Amazing Classroom Organization Tips & Tricks | Happy Teacher, Happy Kids
Seersucker Large Monogrammed Shoulder Bag

Seersucker Large Monogrammed Shoulder Bag

Just a picture idea for the kids, no link...
Tons of classroom organizational ideas and a Daily 5 freebie in this blog post!
This time of year there’s no one more highly organized than a teacher. In addition to getting all those seating charts, lesson plans, and assignments in hand, an ultra-tidy classroom space makes all the rest of those tasks easier. So you can bet teachers keep their rooms and desks shipshape. Luckily, that means there’s lots of smart, crafty, even downright cheap ideas out there to crib from.

15 Organizational Hacks For Teachers (That You’ll Want To Steal For Yourself!)

Classroom Reveal- The best organized classroom I've ever seen!
Since I have already shared my classroom reveal this year, I wanted to share some of the incredible classrooms in my school! If you missed my classroom post you can click the tab above this post that says MY CLASSROOM. This post should be 2 million pictures long to really showcase everyone the way they …

Teacher Week Day 2 Classroom Digs

Someone was JUST asking about painting plastic crates.  Monday Made it! First time trying spray paint! Tips to help you become a pro at spray painting plastic.