Agitation In Atlanta, Luck In London And John Cage On The A Train

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performing music by Verdi, Respighi and Brahms in Symphony Hall.

Late Night Randomness (29 Photos)

The sound of violins and viola in an orchestra is one of the most natural and beautiful sounds you can hear. Being outside in a quiet place having these stunning instruments play is like no other sound

Most insulting thing to say to someone in orchestra

Most insulting thing to say to someone in orchestra. It's a general rule that band and orchestra are rivals. (and basses too I guess, the cellos just suck, but the violas are fine too.

This is how I feel playing my music in pit orchestra>___< why don't we just change they key signature?

Es el dinero el que lleva la batuta

We are the conductors of our lives. When we learn the subtle art of living, we get to enjoy the beautiful symphony of life.

Another pinned says:I hate it when people say a cello is just a big violin! i hate when i explain to people that i play viola and they just see it as a violin.--I say: this could get annoying. I play the viola too.

I feel like practicing would be so much cooler if I was playing this...but let's be honest...I'd probably still avoid practicing anyway

Live Simply And Others May Simply Live. - The only playable glass violin in the world.

Hahahha. I have a Kun. The most comfortable shoulder rest I have ever had.

I have a Kun. The most comfortable shoulder rest I have ever had.<<I have an Everest which is pretty nice

It's not my only reason but it's a dang good one haha

And the thrill of watching and listening to the notes on paper turn into a musical number.

Instrument Families Workbook

Instrument Families Workbook: Are you working on instrument families while studying instruments of the orchestra? This set can be used as individual assignments or quizzes or can be put together in a workbook for your elementary music students.