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Pacific Parrotlet Color Mutation Chart

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Pacific Parrotlet (Forpus coelestis) a small Parrot in the Psittacidae Family, native to Ecuador and Peru

Pacific Parrotlet - Ecuador - Bird images from foreign trips

PACIFIC PARROTLET (Forpus coelestis), also known as the Celestial Parrotlet, is a species of small parrots in the Psittacidae family, native to Ecuador and Peru. Description from I searched for this on

Pacific parrotlet is a kind of small parrot found in the South American countries of Ecuador and Peru. As a dimorphic species, male Pacific parrotlets have

New Turquoise Pied Baby Parrotlets

Gorgeous new parrotlet babies have hatched in my aviary that have specatular coloring. There are marbled blue pied parrotlets, Turquoise Marbled Pied Lucida Parrotlets and turquoise baby parrotlets

Parrotlets may look like little green parakeets, but they are not priced like parakeets, nor do they share the same temperament. At 5 inches...  #animalhealth

Parrotlet Personality, Food & Care

The best way to find great, cute, cool, funny parrot names for your new parrot. There are lots of female parrot names and male parrot names you have to choose Pacific Parrotlet Bird Species Profile

My Parrotlet birds, 2 of them George and Green Bean.

Pacific Parrotlet | General Information about Pet Parrotlets

Pacific Parrotlet | General Information about Pet Parrotlets