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Wow that guy and that jersey... I might want me a Kaner jersey in that blue

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Patrick Kane my babe!!!!!!!! Hes mine!!!!! I call dibs on him!

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All credit for this somewhat unsettling yet impressive tribute to Patrick Kane goes to dzdomination on Tumblr.

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Patrick Kane | Chicago Blackhawks

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kane makes the goal to the win the stanley cup 2010

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Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews take a photo in the locker room sporting USA jerseys after making a bet with each other.

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Patrick Kane IS MY HUSBAND <3

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Patrick Kane | Chicago Blackhawks Hockey #nhl

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Either bite it or throw it out. You're one of the few players with all their teeth as far as I can tell.

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Patrick Kane: Stanley Cup Final, Game 5 (withglowinghearts- | Tumblr)

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Smiley Kaner gif

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Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks (backchecked / Tumblr)

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Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks.

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Patrick Kane records first career regular-season hat trick as Blackhawks beat Toronto 4-1 for their 10th win in a row!

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Patrick Kane

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