Paul McCartney - Died In 1966 And Replaced By Clone Says Beatle Ringo Starr

On December 26, 1965, Paul fell face first off his moped when he was in Liverpool.     His lip was split badly and he chipped his front tooth. He didn’t get his tooth fixed for over six months…

Beatle Mystery: Is Paul Dead?

Paul McCartney (sporting the injuries of his car accident in This was the accident that he supposedly died in, according to the Paul is dead rumors.) Poor paulie let me comfort you

Different chin | Beatle Mystery: Is Paul Dead?

Beatle Mystery: Is Paul Dead?

It always cracked me up that so many people still think the real Paul is dead. Yea they found someone that looks and sounds just like him. Look at anyone's picture and see if they don't change from year to year!

The great "Paul is dead"  frenzy.

In US radio hosts frenzy over rumors that Beatle Paul McCartney was killed in a car wreck in and was replaced by a double. Those rumors have been considered a hoax.

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Remember the rumors of his death? On this day in LIFE debuted that very cover story, “The Case of the ‘Missing’ Beatle.” shortly before the Beatles broke up

James Paul McCartney and Paul McCartney side by side comparison

Conclusive facial comparison that proves Paul McCartney really was replaced with a lookalike in

Plastic Macca - Paul is Dead: Paul McCartney is dead: proof he was replaCIAed

Paul McCartney died in forensic evidence . English translated page.

If you've never read about the "Paul is dead" conspiracy theory, look it up....interesting reading.

Beatle Mystery: Is Paul Dead?

"Is Paul McCartney Dead?" "Paul is dead" is an urban legend suggesting that Paul McCartney of the English rock band the Beatles died in 1966 and was secretly replaced by a look-alike. : This Day in History provided by The Free Dictionary

Chapter 11 talks about factoids: facts not backed up by any evidence. There was no evidence of Paul McCartney dying in 1966 but people were looking for proof by playing their records backwards and searching for evidence that could back up the story.

Conspiracy-minded Beatlemaniacs say Paul McCartney secretly died in 1966 and the other Beatles covered up his death

Plastic Macca - Paul is Dead

Sir Paul McCartney was Phil Ackrill, the replacement ‘Paul’

Paul is dead clue #16.

The height difference is a huge issue -- study the pics, Paul is considerably taller from Sgt. Peppers on.

Paul Is Dead by Brittyboo14

First, let me explain. I don't actually believe that Paul is dead. I just really love the theory! Creepy stuff is my favorite! I drew this as a re. Paul Is Dead