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Which Percy Jackson character are you?

Umbra Sehr sehr scheu. Legende: Jeder der es je zu Gesicht bekommen hat stirbt Kurz danach. Auch der Tod auf Hufen genant.

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What Animal Is Your Aura?

name: Constelation age: 67 no pet it's a animal!

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Pegasus represented divine inspiration as well as god-like apotheosis. Anyone who rode him could become a great poet. Pegasus's crescent-moon-shaped hoof stamped the ground and dug the Hippocrene (Horse-Well), a spring of poetic inspiration on Mount Helicon, the home of the Muses. This was another kind of immortality: the rider of Pegasus could figuratively "fly through the air to reach the heavens." Art titled "Still Your Golden Boy" by DirtySunshine

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Starborn by saftkeks13

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Emerald, Pegasus Akhal-Teke Roan #5124016 - Howrse US

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The Pegasus was the mount of the hero Bellephron. Together they destroyed the Chimera.

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Jason Chan Art: Book Covers 2013 Update

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This is Willow. She is rather new member of my book and acts as the main character's steed. Obviously, a fantasy book. (code AD)

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A Pegusas is not supposed to be this cute!

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pegasus horse | What Is Your Favorite Mythical Creature?

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