Penguin classics. Zoe has Arabian Nights, Wuthering Heights, Sense and Sensibility, Alice in Wonderland, Middlemarch, a Collection of Shakespearean poetry, Oliver Twist, Hound of the Baskervilles, and A Christmas Carol and other Dickens Christmas stories. I like English romantics, British romantics, and poetry. More

Do You Have A Fiction Addiction?

The Penguin Classics series, complete set. God, I would love these, especially if I had the right place to display them. In fact, I love everything on this site, but they're so pricey!!

Penguin Classics Complete Set of Hardcover Books

I have started collecting penguin clothbound classic collections of my favorite authors.

York Avenue: Anna Bond x Penguin Classics: The Puffin In Bloom Book Collection

Anna Bond x Penguin Classics: The Puffin In Bloom Book Collection

York Avenue: Anna Bond x Penguin Classics: The Puffin In Bloom Book Collection// These 4 books are classics & I read each one when I was a child, so that's certainly going back in time for me.

cloth covered children's books from Anthropologie

norman hunter - the puffin book of magic, with cover art by jill mcdonald Czech book cover, new Penguin Classics cloth book covers.

Arranged by spine color, vintage Penguin paperbacks add a graphic punch to shelves.

5 Brilliant Tips for Collecting What You Love

Unapologetic collector Mary Randolph Carter, author of the new book "Never Stop to Think…Do I Have a Place for This?", shares her five tips for living stylishly with the many, many things you love. (Shelves of vintage penguins)

Click through to see the fronts of these "6 Stunning F. Scott Fitzgerald Book Covers" -- metallic and art deco, "designed by none other than Penguin Books' own senior cover designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith."

6 Stunning F. Scott Fitzgerald Book Covers

Art Deco spines - F. Scott Fitzgerald Penguin Hardback Classics (re)designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith

Mr Boddington's Collection for Penguin Classics. - these are fancy! @Jennifer Richter Kelly

I love these front covers, I can imagine relating this to our magazine by covering it with drawings of pencils, sketch books.

Penguin Classics - Jane Austen Box Set on AHAlife

Penguin Classics Jane Austen Book Set

Spinal synergy... | Repinned by @michaelgleiber

These Clothbound Penguin Classics are everything I've ever dreamed of. I could stare at them all day because they're just too pretty!

I LOVE that they're reprinting classics with cute covers! I want to recreate my classics collection! Lol

Puffin and Penguin Classics - York Avenue - beautiful patterned cover designs