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[ Idea: Designing an herb spiral ] Click through to check out this herb spiral a few years after planting. Be sure to also visit the link that shows what it looks like at the beginning.

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A tomato trellis is a freestanding structure usually made from wood or metal that is used to support the sprawling vines and heavy fruit of the tomato plant. Providing support for your tomato plants helps keep the plants healthy, so they can produce maximum yields. Read on for some creative DIY tomato trellis ideas.

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A 15' x 25' backyard near Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA

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Permaculture -- I need to sit down and read this article. And I love the drawing. I wish *my* backyard looked like that!

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Some great permaculture posters linked to in this post - including zebras in zone 5. How cool...

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Slovak Centre Food Forest Design- seems like it has a "one of everything" approach. meh.still, nice for reference.

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How to Feed Garden Soil an Organic Diet

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Hugelswale Swale use in Hugelkulture serve multiple purposes. They slow water drain off, allow the buried wood to absorb more from each rainfall, and allow the water to enter the aquafer. Drought years see the aquafer drop 12 feet or more per year. Anything which prevents the little rainfall we do get in those years to soak in rather than run off is a boon to the local water wells and ponds.

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Double spiral garden for herbs. Space saving, beautiful raised beds using no dirt, just sands and composting materials to create new soils. Check craigslist and groups nearby for free used bricks or stones to build it.

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Let us do the research for you- check out the 5 Best Biodegradable Containers for Seedlings

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