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I didn't lose a friend, I just realized I never had one. Fake friend quotes on

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Can't wait to hear what comes next!! Exciting!!! I always like to hear about myself. Helps me to piece together my life and really figure things out! Wow.

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alone, bridge, burned, fake, friends

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Bump Fake Friends, I Prefer To Be Real, if I don't fit whatever your expectations of what a friend should do or be... Then you don't know me even a little, to think I wanna be part of your freaking three ring circus when it's convenient for you only!! Beotch please! Fake friends step aside...

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I've seen this several times. I'm glad for my real friends

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what do you call a person who wants to talk about one thing when everyone else is talking about another - Google Search

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Then they talk crap to ur best friend and wonder y ur not talking to them anymore...really?!! FTB's More

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7 Qualities of A Good Friend

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am sick of fake friends because I am done, they are obviously so jealous because they can see that they are sluts and clearly I am not. Backstabbing two faced worthless hoes! Ugh

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<b>Fake Friends Quotes</b> Tumblr

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