Photo-manipulation at its finest.

Create a Surreal Miniature Portrait: Post-Production by Nathan Colantonio, In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a surreal, miniature portrait using some photos that I shot from a previous tutorial on Tuts .

tiger washes wahsed stripes clothes hanging on clothes line to dry, Photo Manipulation – Tiger Undressed

Photo Manipulation – Tiger Undressed

Creative Surreal Photo Manipulations

35 Creative Surreal Photo Manipulations

"World Press Station" - Ross Brown. Challenge your imagination. Ross photo manipulation evokes a psychological response. #surrealism

Surrealist psychological horror art photography to challenge your imagination. Photographer Ross Brown works in the integration of photography and digital art processing to evoke a psychological response by Patty PJ

Photoshop Tutorial | DOUBLE EXPOSURE | Feather Effect - YouTube

In this Advance Photoshop Tutorial, we will learn Photo Manipulation Technique to create Surreal Sliced Head".we will transform the normal head to sliced.

Digital Manipulation Photography

Dad Photoshops His Son Into Epic Scenarios Using His Expert-Manipulation Skills

Before and after Photoshop images - 28

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

These wonderful images before and after Photoshop will let you know that how amendment can change the whole perspective of photograph.

Creative photo manipulation by the Indonesian photographer Ari Mahardhika. Each little guy seems to represent a small aspect of the creative process and combined together feels like a snapshot of a moment inside the artist’s frantic brain

this photoshop is very successful because all the duplicates of the guy has all the shadows and color temperature all right. very successful.

Do you remember the times when the photo manipulation for almost all the peoples was the result of a photo touch using a purchased camera software? With effects like fish eye, with tools like smudge tool in few seconds anyone had managed a "photo manipulation". Today the photo manipulation

Photo Manipulation – 35 examples of photo manipulation to learn graphic composition

Dreamlike and Surreal Self-Portrait Photo Manipulations by Achraf Baznani #inspiration #photography

Achraf Baznani is an artist photographer and filmmaker, who was born in Marrakesh, he is the most inspiring artistic photographer in Morocco.

Photo Manipulation Water Photography Photoshop Kyle Re Creative

Photographer Captures “Water Bender” Turning Liquid into Sculptures Between Her Hands

Photo Manipulation Water Photography Photoshop Kyle Re Creative