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Double exposures by Nevessart , Alexis FOLLIOT…/

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Figli di un database di Enrico Marra

This photo is soo cool! Want to be empowered? Follow my blog where everyday I empower you to be fab, fierce, free, and BUILD AN ONLINE EMPIRE!

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Sarah Eisenlohr. Walk on the Beach. On Tumblr:

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this is what we mean when saying 'drown in your eyes'

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Because using photoshop for retouch skin is so mainstream. "Treebeard" by Cal Redback...

Because using photoshop for retouch skin is so mainstream. "Treebeard" by Cal Redback...

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- i chose this photo because I found it interesting,like the way it shows different views of a woman face

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//Human//Creation// by ashleyjosephedwards, via Flickr

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This photomontage would be a great advertisement for Ready Whip. Just as the clouds that hover above the mountains act as a natural "topping" that looks light and fluffy, so does Ready Whip on any kind of dessert!

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The cleaning of New York City, 2015, by Malaparte on tumblr. °

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Giacomo Costa_'Agglomerato n.2'_1997_C-Print, diasec on perspex

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Chimera (by Aecho), tshirt print

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Easy Photoshop, shouldn't be hard to pull off. Take it up a level? What are two contrasting things? Unknown source :( tumblr_llnxr6nzBG1qcz9rmo1_500.jpg (467×700

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Another impressive way of showing and depicting human creation in action. Or perhaps it could be a giant that paints the roadways for us, it is all up to our imagination. Leaving the arm in color was a good choice as it stands out well among the rest of the greyscale image, instantly grabbing your attention first.

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I like the mixed media feel of this one and the fact that it's black and white. And also that it features a human form, which goes along with our theme of Identity.

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The skull is very well proportioned with the woman's head in this picture. The black and white also makes the picture blend better and look more real. The way her hair and makeup has been done compliments the skull.

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