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Those people who perform knee strengthening exercises are able to recover quickly from knee surgery or injury, and prevent recurrence of knee problems.

21 Physical Therapy Blogs You Should Be Reading

Massage therapy is becoming a more popular career. A massage therapist helps people find relief from pain, relax and build muscle.

Physical Therapy Exercises In Pictures | Physical Therapy Online -- after too much exercise and/or thinking too much of exercising gives  pain in the ...

Sciatica SOS™ Review

Instructions for unsticking a cranky s i joint part 2 bernadette birney exercises for si joint painjoint yogarehab sacroiliac joint rehabilitation exercises sacroiliac joint pain exercises graphic of sacroiliac joint exercises to avoid

5 Things You May Not Know About the NPTE (Some of These Might Surprise You) | PT Final Exam

Physical Therapy Exam Prep - An Awesome Resource for Students Preparing to Take the National Physical Therapy Exam

October is National Physical Therapy Month! // Infographic: 7 Myths About Physical Therapy -

October is National Physical Therapy Month! Whether you’re pursuing a healthy lifestyle or recovering from injury or illness, chances are you will come across the need for a physical therapist at some point in your …

how to study for DPT anatomy

20 Study Tips for PT School

how to study for DPT anatomy Sheet protectors to draw muscles on and study tip for quizzing with mental prep

Physical therapy ice bag

Home made ice pack. 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water.Homemade ice cup rubbing alcohol and cups water. Large ziplock bag and freeze.

Infographic - Primitive Motor Reflexes & Their Impact on a Child's Function - Copyright

Primitive Motor Reflexes & Their Impact on a Child's Function

So if you want to know why strengthening your shoulder is a must, and also of the exercises that can keep your shoulders strong, this post has you covered! Go ahead and give a read!

10 Effective Physical Therapy Exercises To Treat Shoulder Pain

Foam rollers are a common sight in many settings around the world such as gyms and physical therapy / physiotherapy departments . Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy

How to Use a Foam Roller Like a Pro

"How to Foam-Roll like a pro!" I love to foam roll. it is pretty much my favorite post-workout ritual. It's like having my own personal masseuse! Foam rolling massages your muscles and helps you recover better after a workout:) My favorite thing to foa

Tell me how PT goes--it went good. The lady said my right hip is tighter than my left and showed me loosening stretches. It's weekly so I'll go back next week

Are you nervous about the Nervous System? This may help! Learn all about your spine and nervous system. Chiropractic Care can help give you Relief. On so many levels. Contact your local The Joint.the chiropractic place to start your care today!

OMG- my kid is so going  to have this someday! Too funny! Physical therapy PT baby bodysuit ambulation by BlueBeltBaby, $12.00

Physical therapy PT baby bodysuit ambulation