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The struggles of being TALL (26 photos)

being tall 18 The struggles of being TALL (26 photos)

Tall girl problem #152 And on top of this, forget ever wearing heels yourself and not being stared at like you are the Jolly Green Giant

Just,dont even get me started on that. God forbid i want to look pretty and wear a cute short dress but NOOO my whole booty has to be exposed!

This happened to me throughout highschool. Even though I'm 5'8, I swear that those desks were for kindergarteners. They were way too small for any high school student to sit in comfortably.

Yes - then you wash them once and they are too short on your legs.

Tall woman problem: being annoyed when another girl is taller than you because…

Tall Girl Problems tall-girl-problems.. Yep ppl would prob die if they knew how much I weighed

My Tall Girl Problem aka my life story lol I hate shopping malls